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Special Wedding packages

Make your special day even more special with our special wedding packages.

At "Smile On Dental Clinic", we offer you tailor-made packages to flash your beautiful smile with confidence. We recommend you to visit us at least 3 months before your wedding for best results.

Special Bride & Groom Package

We offer you special discounts on teeth whitening or any other dental treatment that is required when both the bride & the groom take the treatment together.

Also it gives you a chance to spend time with your special one & to know them even better.

Glamorous Smile Package

Glam up your beautiful smile with our wide range of dental diamonds (jewels). These are very safe as they do not require drilling or pain.

Package includes teeth whitening along with the choice of dental jewel for a stunning, shining, sparkling smile.

Now smile with style!

White teeth + Pink Gums Package

For those who want white teeth, teeth whitening can be performed. For pink gums a simple painless procedure is done with the help of laser.

Picture Perfect Smile Package

Posing on your D-day or for pre-wedding photoshoot is the most important aspect of the wedding. We all want our pictures to be the perfect ones.This includes complete smile makeover so that you are picture ready. Also at "Smile On Dental clinic" we offer you free smile design consultation over the email. So if you are not happy with your current appearance, all you need to do is just send an e-mail with picture of your teeth with your age & we will show you the improved results.

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